Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wonka Chocolate Factory Party: Part 1 -- The Invitations

Parties are a big deal around here, birthdays are an especially big deal and if there is cause to celebrate, I'm in! My son turned 8 this year and to be honest before he was even born I had at least six different party themes I really, really wanted to throw, lol, fortunately he has been all in and loved my themes. This year was different, he came up with this one all on his own and oh my goodness did we have a blast, this was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  With a little prior planning and prep, some research and elbow grease you can throw a fantabulous bash and not break the bank, win, win!

Part 1: The Invitations

Your invitations set the tone for you entire party and I always try to make them extra special. People feel special and enjoy getting something cool, it also gets them excited for what’s to come. 
Now my initial plan was to get real Wonka bars and insert golden tickets with party info, easy right?

Unfortunately they stopped making original Wonka bars about a month before we started planning, I was devastated! I even emailed Nestle and begged for a case, lol. No luck and the only places you can get them now are specialty candy stores and eBay (read:expensive!) So I set off on a quest to recreate the Wonka bar for our invites and here is the final product…

I made the front/back graphics in a candy bar wrapper program I have had for years (WrapCandy) then printed them out on brochure paper, this is the recommended paper for making candy bar wrappers. I decided a Slider Treat Card was the best way to go since I needed to be able to include the golden tickets  and I got some quality crafting time in. Sliders are very fun to make; A pull of the ribbon and your treat comes sliding out.

The Golden Tickets were printed on this awesome metallic gold (not yellow) paper I got from this great store called Paper and More, their customer service is excellent!

This paper could not have been more perfect for Golden Tickets. I put one inside of each slider with a Hershey bar and Viola!

Then because we were afraid some of the kids might not be familiar with the story of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory or (gasp) only seen the new version! In the pouch along with their slider invite, I included the Original movie and a letter explaining the party details, these were then all hand delivered. Here’s how it all went together...

Slider Treat Cards are so handy and can be used with all kinds of stuff with a few adjustments. I have used Cocoa , Cider, Popcorn; and here are some I did with Flavored Coffee packets earlier this year. I will be sure to do a picture tutorial with my next set , but if you would like to try these out for yourself. Here are some instructions for a CandyBar Slider to get you started :)

Check back for Part 2: Wonka Special Operations Factory Tour & Wonkariffic Cake

That's all for now, hope you're all having a great week!

TTFN, Andrea

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Wonderful invitaitons and I just love the cake and decorations...

Amanda Villarreal

WOW this is awesome! I love how you included the movie how sweet! Im glad Im not the only one who plans (way) ahead lol. Ive been thinking about my daughters first birthday since I was in labor hahahahaha.


Wow!! You did a great job on those invites, well on everything!! I am about to have my son's 2nd birthday this weekend and he is having a toy story party! Thanks for sharing!!


You are SOOOO clever!!! I LOVE these! And the invites look so close to the real candy bar!! And the fact that you included the movie and the letter and THE GOLDEN TICKET!! (GASP) I'd love one of the invites just for inspiration. LOL


Andrea-wow these turned out super cute. What a special and great idea.
TTFN. Debby


Great invites! Glad you both had a good time making them. TFS!

Mood Queen

Hi Andrea

I have just discovered your blog and I think it is amazing! This Wonka themed party is pure creative genius and the attention to detail is wonderful!

From the other side of the pond, Mood Queen!

Elf Stacy

Willy Wonka is one of my favorite birthday party themes ever. Really beautiful work here! :)

Sarah Hall

I like these decorations, thanks a lot:) I also love how you included the movie how sweet! Creatively! Keep in mind that our corporation can be found at writing scholarship - this is the right place where you can go if any academic assistance is required!


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