Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hot Cocoa Cones (Christmas Creation III)

So easy to create and yet so incredibly special: Your kids can even help make some to give as Christmas gifts to their teachers or make some for your co-workers and friends, I guarantee smiles all around!

To Make 1 Cone You Will Need:

 2 Clear 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags (you can find these in the cake decorating section. Beware Wilton has started putting a giant Wilton emblem smack dab in the middle of theirs which is quite annoying !)

3 Envelopes Hot Cocoa Mix

Miniature marshmallows

Crushed candy canes/chopped chocolates/chips

2 Small elastic bands (I used little bands from the Orthodontist for braces, lol) but they have tiny plastic hair bands for babies that work great. 


Tags or embellishments of your choice ( I fully intended to attach jingle bells, but completely forgot!)


(I use a tall glass to hold the cone while I work)

1. Empty contents of hot chocolate envelopes (3) into one clear decorating bag, making sure the mix fits nicely all the way into the tip of the bag. Leave a little air in the top of the bag, then tie closed with an elastic band. Trim the top of the bag.

 2. Slide the filled cocoa cone inside a second clear decorating bag (you double the cones to keep the cocoa mix separated from the toppings), making sure to match the seams on the sides - this ensures a nicer presentation.

3. Push down the tied end towards the hot cocoa mixture to make an indentation. This is where the marshmallows and candy will sit. And you want to push it down snug in the bag so your candy pieces won't slip down the side.

4. Put in candy or chocolate pieces, then marshmallows . You can flip flop the order if you want. If you would like to add different flavors, go right ahead. There's no limits to your creativity. (different flavor baking chips, crushed candy canes, Andes Mints, etc)

5. Twist pretty tight & tie closed with an elastic band. You don't want your marshmallows getting hard.

6. Tie a ribbon around the elastic band. I very quickly burn the edges of my ribbon to prevent fraying (thank you Momo!)

 7. If you want to include instructions for making the hot cocoa, you could print them on cardstock, punch a hole, and tie it on with the ribbon. Or Print them on labels and attach to your ready made tags like I did.

Warm up with a Cocoa Cone:
Empty half of cocoa into mug
Add hot water and stir well
Add half of the candy and marshmallows
Repeat to make another mug or save for the next
time you want a delicious treat!

Festive and fun, I love giving these as gifts! 

TTFN, Andrea

15 Chit Chat & Feedback:

Lauren B.

This is such a cute idea! You have reminded me that I am WAY behind on my homemade gifts this year. Good to know about WIlton - that is really annoying!


Amanda Villarreal

I love all of your cute ideas! I bet your friends and family do too lol. This is cute and thanks for the tutorial! I have seen these before but wouldnt have put two and two together to seperate the toppings lol!


I LOVE this. I just wish I had a place close by that I could run out and get some clear piping bags. I would love to try this. Maybe next year.


OVE IT!!! Very clever! Thanks for the detailed instructions!


oh my goodness!!! these are adorable!
liz :o)

Craft Junkie Too

OMGOODNESS - this is soooo stickin' adorable! I love love love it! Thanks for the detailed instructions....this is super!

Carla's Creations

This is too good!!! Thanks for the idea!!!


That's a super,super and super cute. I love them. I have to make them for my kids friends, thanks for share with us.





abusybee - DoubleClick Connections

These look so good!!

Nubian Crafter

This is super cute!!! BTW, I love your blog. TFS


love the project


Andrea this is a great idea and they look so pretty and yum.


Excellent! TFS

Barbie Chiu

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