Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beauty and the Disaster

I'm going to share a little lesson I learned this weekend, it's called leave well enough alone! :) Isn't it amazing how crystal clear hindsight is? If you're on my Facebook, you probably already know how this ends, but let's at least start with the good part.-- Isn't this cake a beauty, so simple, but so pretty.

From the second I saw the 'Rose Cake' done by Manda at i am baker I was in cake love. In one word her cake was stunning!And knew I had to make a version of it as soon as humanly possible. The perfect opportunity presented itself just a few days later when a neighbor asked if I could get something together by the weekend for her daughter's birthday party, no theme, just anything I wanted to make. Ummm, hello! Where's my mixer!

So far as decorated cakes go this one was so easy, I wasn't even a little bit stressed (and that is amazing!) I baked my layers, they came out perfect. I torted , filled, stacked and crumb coated them. Not one problem!

Then I started adding the roses...
Roses, roses and more roses

There was definitely a squeal of delight or two when after a few minutes I had this...

All that was left to do was set it in place on the pretty base and cake stand waiting there in the background. Then insert the wires the shimmery butterflies made with my Cricut were flying about on. Would have been done and delivered, no stress and we still had tons of time to get ready for my son's last basketball game. Me done with a cake with time to spare? That almost NEVER happens! It felt wonderful, but then it happened. (cue the music!)

In my excitement to get started, I neglected to downsize my cake circle when I changed my mind about layer sizes, not a huge deal I figured I would build the flowers out big enough to cover it. I did not since I wanted to make sure I had enough buttercream first. Good thing because I ended up using every single bit on my roses. Most people would say, oh well, it's just gonna show, whatever they won't care. But not me, no way was my pretty cake gonna have ugly cardboard peaking out from beneath it's petals. I will spare you the details and avoid reliving what happened next, but the result is clear...

My first full blown cake disaster :(

I immediately started texting my neighbor/friend, told her there was no way to fix it and I would run to Costco and get a cake and how sorry I was. She wasn't hearing it, didn't listen to any of my protest, demanded and then begged me to still let her have it. I can't believe I allowed it out of my kitchen, but figured at least they could eat it and if she wanted it that bad...

I cleaned up the board and filled that grand abyss with mounds of  leftover filling, (because I was completely out of buttercream) stuck all of the butterflies into their spots and made her promise not to have it out where people could see it, lol. I made hubby take it over because I was horrified.

She later called and texted saying it was one of the best cakes they had ever tasted and it was and the talk of the party?!? Oh my word, I can only imagine, ack! I'm still a bit traumatized by the destruction of my pretty cake at my own hands, but I learned a lesson from it, so "case of rum, case of rum" (anyone get that reference? If you do, you rule!)  At least I have the progress pictures and I will be making another one of these as soon as my shell shock wears off.

So thanks for reliving my mini cake horror story from the weekend, hope all of your projects came out better :) Here are the specs if you wanna know what was hidden beneath the roses. Madagascar Vanilla Cream Cake with whipped cheesecake and raspberry filling, frosted with buttercream.

TTFN, Andrea

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Kim VanSheppy

It was a gorgeous cake and it looks delicious! Sometimes I like disasters because they make great stories!

Stephie C

I bet it tasted sooo amazing! And so gorgeous I need to make one of these! Please send me your buttercream recipe again! I think one of this style would be perfect for Miss Gabby this year only I am gonna tweak it a bit ;) I want to see a pic with the butterflies in it too!


Your cake was gorgeous. Too bad about the boo boo. Well at least you know you can do it. :)
Melissa D


Oh Andrea! That is exactly what would have happened to me!! If I knew how to decorate cakes that is!!! LOL! Gorgeous cake!!!! Even with the little disaster!! Where's the picture with the butterflies on it??? Good for your friend for not making you feel bad! And it sure does sound delicious!!!!

Krista's Paper Cafe

Love your blog post about this. We were chatting about it on your facebook wall. It is'was so beautiful.


Your cake was beautiful, even after what happened to is amazingly beautiful. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked.


Andrea you should be proud of that cake it looks amazing, i reckon i can tatse it all the way over here.


I'm glad that your neighbor insisted on keeping that cake. It is beautiful.


I often think I should bake two or three backups, "just in case". I dropped one of my crumb coated cakes as I was putting it into the freezer. Yikes! I had already been up for hours, and needed it for the next day. I pieced it back together and covered it with fondant... Luckily you couldn't even tell. Horrifying! I totally feel your pain! Would you be willing to share your recipes, and the tip number for the roses? Thanks so much! Such a beautiful cake!


Oh the horror! It was such a beautiful cake! You'll have to make another one! TFS


I baked cupcakes for a friend's jewelry party. I had no idea that sugar gems would melt if placed on buttercream! Well, needless to say, I rebaked and put little icing flowers on instead. I gave her the ugly, melted ones to give to her husband. I was SHOCKED when she showed me photos of the gathering and there were the cupcakes with the melted sugar running off of them right on the same tray with the pretty ones -- all presented to her guests. I was MORTIFIED!!!!!!!


I think this cake is very classy and I would proudly display it on my dessert table. I should try this but fondant and me are friends when it comes to decorating cakes but I haven't mastered the buttercream (yet)
Thanks for sharing!


just saw your picture on cake central and hopped right over to your blog! First off, what a beautiful cake and great idea! You used the 1m tip right?(Gotta love the person who invented that!)
Second, so sorry about the slight disaster that you had. Can only imagine how you felt. Happy though that your friend liked it anyways!

Have a great day. I have a cake to do next tuesday and I think I will make one just like yours!

Daniel and Meagan

We were stationed in WA and just PCS'd to Lakenheath, England in August. I stumbled across your cake on cakecentral and HAD to read your blog. Call me a stalker, but I am going to follow your posts now - you are SO TALENTED!!! Your cake sounds fabulous!


Wow, what a gorgeous cake. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the cake, filling and frosting? I would love to have it. Thanks Janet


I have been a follower for a couple of months and left you a blog award on my blog.


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