Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Message in a Bottle Invitations: Survivor Style

If you've followed my blog you know how I feel about party invitations. I love them,  I think they set the tone, build excitement and give a little peek into the party to come. This year for our Survivor Birthday Island I was thinking of attaching name tags to tiki torches with all of the party info, but I was so far behind the power curve due to crazy work schedules and quickly running out of time. I wasn't sure about the logistics of the tiki torches, they are kind of big and I wanted them at the party, but didn't want to tell people they had to bring them back with them, so since I couldn't work it out in my head I moved on to plan B, Message in a Bottle invites!
But since I had waited so long to come to that conclusion I had to scramble to find good bottles as there was no time to order. They had some bottles at Michales, but they were expensive and not really what I wanted. Luckily in a stroke of divine party intervention I was sitting in the parking lot of a party store lamenting my dilemma, since they had nothing I could use either. When I looked in my rearview mirror and saw our local Home Brew supply store right behind me! And guess what, they had perfect little bottles with lids, and they were cheap! I was so happy :)

Next was the message scroll. On tan parchment paper I used this cool survivor party logo on the top with the party info written below 

You’ve been chosen to join our Tribe…
Now will you survive celebrating XXXX's XXth Birthday?!

It will be the ultimate challenge, tribes forced to work together while battling the elements and each other. You must adapt to remain ahead of the game, in the end only 1 team will remain…


Saturday, May XXth
5:00-8 :00 PM

Make your way to Last Name Survivor Island;
XXXX Island Drive

Dress to survive! Wear comfy clothes you don’t mind getting dirty/wet and please bring something to change into once all of the challenges are done!

RSVP: xxxx

I printed them 2 per sheet and when cut in half each measured 8.5"x 5.5" and just the right size for rolling and bottle stuffing. I used a chopstick to roll them up, tied them with jute string/twine and slipped them into the bottles with some hanging out for easy extraction. There was also a drink umbrella and supposed to be a layer of coconut M&M's, alas the candy was like 1/2 a centimeter too big to fit in the bottle opening and I had to resort to cutting (yes cutting!) dang M&M's in half so there could at least be a few shards in every bottle, oy! (P.S. I hate coconut anything, so I didn't enjoy this in the least!)

I finished them off with their caps and name labels and called them good

Can you believe that on the way out to deliver these with my son, Mr. Details actually asked if I could maybe just do invitations we could mail ever?! Short answer...No! lol, good thing I didn't go with the tiki torches, he would have had a fit ;) 
TTFN, Andrea

8 Chit Chat & Feedback:


Andrea... you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! I would think of all these cool ideas... and that's just where they would stay... tight inside my litte pea brain... LOL!!

Love Is In The Details

Aww you're too sweet and to be honest I usually have far too many ideas floating around, they exhaust me and then I do none of them, lol! Andrea

Susan Annabelle

Could you please post the bottling vendor's address or provide a ph#. I am having difficulty locating these bottles online. Thanks,

Love Is In The Details

I'm sorry Susan I don't have any vendor information to share, I purchased these at a local home brew store (Jim's), they were like $12 per case. But I imagine would be quite a bit to ship due to their weight. Good luck!

Susan Annabelle

That's what I meant, if you could supply the address or ph# for the LOCAL vendor. I could check out their rate or perhaps they could refer another supplier. Thanks so much. :)

Love Is In The Details

The name is Jim's Homebrew Supply Inc. 509-328-4850, hope they can help you. When I was looking I found plenty online, I just didn't have time to wait for shipping.

Susan Annabelle

Thank you so much. You've made my day!

Nichole Zimmerman

Wow.. your ideas were amazing... it'll be fun and encouraging to join a party using that funky message in a bottle invitations like that... thumbs up.. and keep up the good work


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