Saturday, May 19, 2012

Splash! Sponge Bombs Away...

I love seeing the kids outside in the Summer romping around a classic Slip n' Slide, shooting water guns, playing in the sprinklers, it's all good, wet, Summer fun! Alas it is inevitable, at some point they bust out the water balloons and they can never ever do more than a handful before they run inside asking for help. But let me tell ya, I despise the tedious chore of filling and tying ridiculously little water balloons, like I'd rather distract them with Popsicles, a UFO sighting, anything to get me out of doing water balloons, ack!  That is where the Sponge bombs come into play! I first saw these in Family Fun, but a version on Pinterest reminded me and  I knew I had to make some for one of our Survivor Party challenges. They are so easy to make and irresistibly fun for everyone. Even better you just fill a bucket with sponge bombs and water (the kids can even do it themselves, score!) and you're in business :) 

For Each Sponge Ball You Need:
  • 2 Plain Sponges (Multi-Colors)
  • Scissors
  • Zip Ties (look in the auto supply area)
  • Pliers
  • Small Nail Clippers
  • Bucket & Water

For each ball, take 2 plain (no scrubby side) kitchen sponges from the package Use scissors to cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 strips about a half-inch wide (cut in half long ways and then those pieces in half as well) Stack the strips as shown

Hold all eight strips in a bundle, place zip tie around the center of the stack, using the pliers for grip pull until engaged and locked in place. The tighter you tie them together, the better the strips fan out to create a ball shape. Now just bend the tail of the zip tie back and forth until it breaks off. If there is any remaining sharp or snaggy edge a quick snip with the clippers will do the trick. just make sure to watch out for flying tid-bits of plastic, you don't wanna shoot your eye out! ;) (Now you could tie them with strong string & double knot if you don't have zip ties.)
It did take some time for me to make this many for our Sponge Bomb Lacrosse Challenge, but for a normal quantity they are easy-peasy to make and reusable all season long!

Love this shot from Martha Stewart
from Martha Stewart

Now say it with me "No More Water Balloons!" Run, don't walk, gather your supplies and make some of your own;  I promise you will thank me :) 

TTFN, Andrea

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I am going out this morning to get my sponges!! Saw this on pintrest as well! ( I LOOOOVVVEEEE me some hours of pinterest!!) I wanted to buy this super duper water balloon filler thingie at Bed Bath and Beyond, but hubby got all crazy about the dogs eating broken water balloons... this is better!!!!!!!

Love Is In The Details

Teri, I so had that water balloon thing in my hands at BB&B, but then I was like, oh man this is just going to encourage them to play with those dreadful things and I'll still have to tie them, lol! Needless to say I put it back, but I did grab one of those regular balloon tying gadgets they had for 2 bucks :) Hope you make some, they are really fun to play with and easy clean up! Andrea


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